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Arthritis of the shoulder is a devastating condition that seriously compromises the comfort and function of the shoulder. When the symptoms of shoulder arthritis are severe, shoulder joint replacement becomes a consideration.

Shoulder Replacement
Though shoulder replacement gives painfree and reasonably moving shoulder joint it is not without problems. Normal bone is sacrificed during surgery unnecessarily. Since the bone is reamed and a big stem is inserted sometimes the bone fractures during surgery and even after surgery. This is a very difficult problem to treat. Cement related problems are also quite common. When the prosthesis becomes loose the revision surgery is even more difficult.

Shoulder Resurfacing
Shoulder resurfacing is a superior alternative to shoulder replacement surgery. It is a surgical procedure that allows patients to retain much of their natural tissue, by replacing only the diseased part of the joint instead of the entire joint. Shoulder Resurfacing is less traumatic, less invasive and more bone preserving procedure. The results of shoulder resurfacing is far better than conventional Shoulder Replacement.
Advantages of Shoulder Resurfacing
1. Restoration of normal anatomy.
2. Less traumatic surgery
3. No risk of fat embolus
4. Resurfacing can be done even if the bone is deformed.
5. Normal loading of the bone.
6. No stress riser effect
7. No risk of fracture at the tip of the prosthesis.
8. Range of movements better than shoulder replacement.
9. Easy revision surgery if needed.

Indications for shoulder Resurfacing
1. Osteoarthritis
2. Rheumatoid arthritis
3. Avascular necrosis
4. Rotator cuff arthropathy
5. Instability arthropathy
6. Post trauma arthritis
X ray of Arthritis shoulder X ray after shoulder Resurfacing

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Shoulder Resurfacing

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